All items for sale at Impact MMA, Shenton Way. All items are brand new and genuine and going cheap! While stocks last.

Top King Boxing Head Guard (Full coverage)

Provides full coverage to the head/cheeks. Lace up and velcro for easy on and off. Comfortable and practical design. $92

FBT Head Gear

A good cheaper no frills option. Plain design but excellent value for money. Comes in blue or red. NOW JUST $56!

Title Shin/Instep Guards

Full shin and instep protection. Extra long and lightweight design. Hook-and-loop elastic strapping system for easy on and off. One size.

Nationman Shinpads

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FBT Shinpads

These are a good alternative to Nationman. They are well constructed and are sold in single sides so if you only need protection for 1 leg, you don’t have to buy a pair.

Top King Ankle Support

Elastic, flexible and durable. Use during sparring/training to provide great support for your ankles.

Top King Handwraps

These are elastic full length Muay Thai wraps. They come in red or blue and are going for just $15 per pair. Royston uses these.

TITLE handwraps

These are full length Muay Thai /boxing handwraps. These are wide and non-elastic for that rock hard feel. Bruce’s favourites. They come in red & black. Now going at just $12.50 per pair!

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

This is a huge favourite in our gym. Provides comfort and protection at a reasonable price. $16.50 only!

Shock Doctor mouthguard case

For those who are a bit more hygiene-minded who hate digging around their gym bag for their mouthguard. These anti-bacterial cases are good for clean, convenient and stylish storage of your mouthguard! $13 only, limited stock.

IMPACT Mixed Martial Arts Gloves

Genuine Cowhide Leather for durability and comfort.

Size S, M, L and XL.

IMPACT MMA Rashguard

High quality, durable rashguard built for hundreds of training sessions!
Great for no-gi grappling and during Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (worn under gi)

Sizes S, M and L.

IMPACT MMA Fight Shorts

High split outer seam allow unrestricted movement during grappling and kicking. Reinforced stitching and smooth material. Stretchable waist band with drawstring and velcro closure for better grip around the waist and secure fit. Stretchable inner leg seams

Sizes 28, 30 and 32. Great for MMA/no-gi grappling.

IMPACT Compression Shorts

Stretchable, snug and comfortable fit that will move with you

Sizes XS, S, M and L.

IMPACT Muay Thai/Boxing Gloves

Genuine Cowhide Leather for durability and comfort.

8-12 Oz $57

14-16 Oz $59



Sizes: XS, S, M and L



Sizes: XS, S, M and L

IMPACT Muay Thai Shorts


Sizes: XS, S, M and L

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