Competitions and results

Impact MMA’s fighters and competitors have consistently produced awesome results in all competitions, be it MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Sanshou etc. The constant stream of victories and inspiring performances are a testament to the dedication and quality of the competitors, trainers and staff at Impact MMA. We promise to continue to produce the highest level of competitors.

Competition: October 2010: Raphael Lim represents Impact MMA at the Bangkok Open at white belt/under 64kg

Results: Gold medal in both Gi and No-Gi category






Competition: Jan 2011. Beginners no-gi tournament for players with less than 6 months experience. 4 schools participated.

Results: Impact wins 3 gold medals in out of 4 weight categories!






Competition: May 2011. Amas Muay Thai event. Impact sends in 3 fighters.

Results: 3 Gold medals!!!






Competition: July 2011: National Sanda Championship

Results: Out of 5 fights, our guys won 3 and drew 1. Although the draw was highly contentious.








Competition: October 2011: Impact MMA BJJ Open. What an event, every single BJJ school in Singapore was represented. Only white belt categories were officially competed (only categories where we had 4 or more registered contesteants). The house was PACKED and response was overwhelming.

Results: Impact was the best performing gym with 3 golds and a silver out of the 7 categories.






Competition: November 2011: Fightnight 2 MMA. Impact sends 3 fighters to the MMA event in KL, Bruce Loh, Royston Wee and Prof Leke Machado.

Results: 3 for 3 again! 3 dominant victories by all our fighters.

Competition: Dec 2011: MFC Fightnight 3 MMA. Impact sends 5 fighters to the MMA event in KL, Bruce Loh, Prof Leke Machado, Royston Wee, Garrick Seah and Garie Tang.

There were 6 fights for the 5 fighters. Prof Leke is taking on 2 fights on the night, and his 2nd fight is against an opponent 85kg (Leke was fighting at 69kg!). Royston was also fighting an opponent who did not make weight and was 4kg heavier than him.

Results: 6 out of 6 dominant wins! 5 submissions (all rear naked chokes) and 1 TKO. Impact MMA’s perfect run in MMA competitions continue!






Competition: Jan 2012: Ultimate Beatdown MMA . Impact sends 3 fighters for their debut fights to the MMA event in JB: Cain Ng, Brenden Sim and Juan Wenjie.

Juan started the night off with a TKO (ref stoppage) in the 1st round after some nasty ground and pound. Brenden was the 1st main event of the night where he showed the power of BJJ and winning by RNC in the 1st round. Cain’s fight was the final main event where his opponent put up a good fight even on the ground. Cain fought back to win by RNC.

Results: ‎3 out of 3 wins for Impact MMA at Ultimate Beatdown!  Impact MMA remains undefeated in MMA bouts at 12 wins and 0 losses!!!

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