Bruce Vs. Diyor at DARE Chamionship in Bangkok 17 March 2012

Change of opponent.

BRUCE Vs. DIYOR… This is gonna be a good one!!



DARE is proud to present a highly anticipated Flyweight fight (57 kilos/ 125lbs) between DIYOR – Shodiyor Jurabekov and BRUCE – Bruce Loh, taking place at DARE 2/2012 on March 17th 2012.

DARE 2/2012 is broadcasted LIVE on and on for just 9,99 USD.

DIYOR – Shodiyor Jurabekov VS BRUCE – Bruce Loh.

These two already met once, at an MMA event in Malaysia last year, in a fight which turned out to be the fight of the night that evening. Bruce won a decision that time but it was a back and forth war and Diyor showed some impressive skills. When Bruce’s original opponent pulled out of the fight with an injury Diyor wasted no time in demanding a rematch because he wants revenge for that razor thin decision loss.

The winner of this fight will proceed to the Quarter final level of DARE Championship and a step closer of being in the group of the first DARE Champions and the receivers of the Million Dollar Grand Bonus.


DIYOR – Diyor, from Uzbekistan, is only 19 years old but has a red mix black belt in Jeet Kun Do, the martial art made famous by Bruce Lee. He also has experience in Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and his skill set translates extremely well into mixed martial arts. He took on Bruce in his professional MMA debut and gave an extremely good account of himself that night, going the full three rounds with a much more experienced opponent.

DIYOR trains out of the Muay Fit, Malaysia. For more information about Muay Fit, please visit:

BRUCE – Bruce Loh has been on the scene for a long time and is a very well known figure in Singapore. He is a veteran of numerous Muay Thai and BJJ tournaments and competitions and is a very well rounded fighter although he seems to be at his most comfortable when the fight goes to the floor. It will be interesting to see whether, with so much boxing and Muay Thai experience, he is prepared to stand and bang against an opponent who has a reputation as being a knock out artist.

Bruce Loh represents Impact MMA in Singapore. For more information about Impact MMA, please visit:

Here are the thoughts of veteran MMA journalist James Goyder,

“This fight is probably the best I’ve ever seen taking place at the Malaysian MMA scene. It was very even and you could see that both fighters were at a very good level. I thought Bruce had done enough to take the decision because he had a lot of submission attempts but I honestly wasn’t sure who had won until it was announced. Bruce has got a good level of Muay Thai and BJJ but Diyor also seemed surprisingly strong in every area, he had no obvious weaknesses and I expect this fight to be just as close as the first one was.” He said.

DARE 2/2012 is the fourth event put on by the DARE promotion and takes place at Club Insomnia Bangkok on March 17th. The first fight will get underway at 4pm local time and the entire event is being streamed live on the internet at and at for just $9.99.

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