Leke vs. Ludakris at DARE Championship 17 March 2012!

Leke vs. Ludakris

Leke is fighting swedish MMA fighter Kristoffer Persson at Dare FC this Saturday. Leke accepted the fight even though his opponent will weigh in at 75kg when Leke’s preferred weight class is below 66kg. But Leke showed absolutely no fear in taking on this larger and more experienced opponent. His is truly the spirit of a warrior. GO LEKE!!!!

LEKE is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion who grew up fighting for his life in the slums of Rio De Janeiro but now fights because he wants to and because he is very good at it.

LUDAKRIS is a Muay Thai fighter from Sweden who trains with the legendary Ole Laursen at Legacy Gym and should have a significant size advantage going into this fight but Leke, who is based in Singapore, knows no fear.

The winner of this fight will proceed to the QuarterFinal level of the DARE Championship and be one step closer to becoming one of the first DARE Champions and the receivers of the One Million Dollar Grand Bonus.


LUDAKRIS – Kristoffer is a Muay Thai fighter from Sweden who made his MMA debut in Pattaya last year, defeating a Filipino fighter under semi pro rules.

He travelled to China to face one of the best fighters there last April and put in a good performance before being submitted in the second round.

He also has plenty of BJJ experience and has been based in Boracay where he will have been training with Ole Laursen every day as the K-1 and Muay Thai veteran prepared for back to back MMA fights this year.

He trains out of Legacy Gym in Boracay. For more information please visit: http://www.legacygym.com.

LEKE – Alexsandro had a hard upbringing and the Brazilian is as tough as they come. He only moved into MMA last year but already has a perfect 3-0 record with all his fights finishing early in the opening round.

He is naturally a featherweight but has no problem taking on much bigger opponents, or even fighting twice in a night. Last time out he took on an opponent who was 20 kgs bigger than him and submitted him in under 30 seconds.

Leke trains out of and represents Impact MMA in Singapore.

For more information please visit: http://www.impactmma.com.sg

Here are the thoughts of veteran MMA journalist James Goyder,

“Leke seems to have an old school vale tudo attitude to fighting, he will take on anyone, any time no matter how much bigger they are or how many times he has already fought that night.

He is a BJJ black belt and if he can get this fight to the ground he is almost guaranteed to win, Kris needs to keep it standing and use his size and reach to punish the Brazilian in the stand up exchanges.

I don’t see this fight making it out of the opening round.” He said.

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