On 2 June 2012, it became officially 2 years since the first training session was held on the mats at Impact MMA. We’ve come a very very long way.

Today, we boast a stable of competitive local fighters unlike any other in Singapore. Bruce, Royston, Garie, Garrick, Juan, Brenden, Cain all fought under the Singapore/Impact MMA flag and were victorious. Our only non-Singaporean fighter, Professor Leke has put up some tremendous shows in the MMA ring. We’ve been blessed with success in the Muay Thai ring, Sanda Platforms and the BJJ mats. With the dedication of coaches, staff, trainees we can only expect much more to come.

Of course, there were setbacks that came with the success, like Bruce tearing his hamstring during his Dare FC fight, Juan getting an injury just a few weeks before his One FC debut. But we bounce back. We come back stronger. We never give up.

There are so many people to thank, and I like to do it personally rather than make a show of it. So many people had to play their part, and play it right, to make Impact MMA what it is today. The trainers and staff, for their dedication and skill, the members who supported us and forgave our mistakes (your loyalty is not forgotten), the many treasured guests that visited and spent some time teaching and training with us.

We are not resting on our laurels. We are constantly seeking to upgrade, improve, strengthen. While things have gone largely smoothly, we’ve made mistakes and we learn. Success comes with it’s own issues and we are working to solve them. I know the gym is a little more crowded nowadays, so we are in the midst of opening up more classes on Saturdays and Sundays. We’re also working to bring in some exciting names to contribute and share their knowledge. We now working relationships with sports doctors, physiotherapists, conditioning experts, F&B establishments where our members get discounts or privileges. We’re working everyday to make it better and better to be a member of Impact MMA and we’re not going to stop.

Thank you all for playing your part in bringing us to where we are today. We’ve only just begun.

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One Response to IMPACT MMA TURNS 2

  1. victor says:

    cheers to impact 🙂

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