Royston Wee wins his debut UFC fight!

What a weekend!!

Royston has become the first Singaporean in the UFC to have won his fight!!!

Royston dominates all 3 rounds. Wins by unanimous decision. 30-26 on all judges’ scorecards, 1 point was deducted due to an illegal kick by Dave to Royston’s chin in the 3rd round while they were on the ground.

The photo says it all. This fight did not take place over 15 mins, it took place over many months. Royston put in so much effort, time and heart that is not seen. The hours in the gym. The many bruises, and sprains and aches. The pressure, the doubters. Royston Wee didn’t just beat a man in a cage. Royston conquered a lot more than that and he makes us all so proud.

To those who understand the technical side of MMA, you would appreciate the beauty of Royston’s strategy. To those who don’t you could see the raw desire in Royston to win.

Lastly, without taking anything away from Royston’s individual performance, this is a team sport. So thank you and well done Team Impact, and Team Singapore!!!


Beautiful takedown by Royston in the 3rd round:


Credits to Yahoo Sports for the photos.

Video here:

Impact MMA would like to thank the supporters, those from Impact and just Singaporeans and MMA fans in general who have been overwhelmingly supportive. As Royston said, he could hear the support from the crowd and that played a big part.

And here’s the team behind Royston:

Head Coach/Head striking coach: Bruce Loh
Grappling/BJJ coach: Alexsandro Machado
Wrestling Coach: Mhd Sulaiman
Assistant striking coach: Shawn Teo
Strength & Conditioning Coach: Raphael Lim
Manager/Transport/PR: Kwang (assisted by Suzanne Sim)

Training Partners: EVERYONE AT IMPACT (Andy, Leonard, Juan, Major, Ashvin, SL Wei, Garrick, Garie etc etc….) But special mention to Adrian Tham who spent 3 weeks in Singapore to work daily with Royston. And not just people directly involved in Fight Camp, the people who helped bring Royston to where he is today (like Coach Sri who came in on his own time to help his boxing).

Special supporters who contributed and donated their time and effort freely, making this feel like a truly national effort:

Physiotherapy: Michelle Kwong of Physioclinic
Sports Psychology: Edgar Tham
Dental (Did you see those sweet gumshields?): Burlinson Dental Surgery
Fight Shirt design: David Tran (not local, but local to Impact!)

Also other local MMA guys, Arvind, who let us visit for a great shark tank session with Joe Ray, Emalo, Alex, Will etc on Christmas Eve.

And all the believers: The journalists and pundits who really took time to examine and question intelligently before casting judgment. It meant a lot.

Lastly but by no means least:
Our team honours and respects Dave Galera, who was a tough tough opponent and a warrior from start to end. Preparing for him was a huge challenge. Mark Sangiao has produced a fearsome team at Team Lakay and we will be seeing more of them in the UFC for sure. These guys are warriors and gentlemen and deserving of their solid reputation in the MMA world.


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