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Jake Newton is an Australian mixed martial artist, who has been training and fighting in Phuket for the past 2 years. With a few amateur MMA fights under his belt, Jake is looking embark on his professional MMA career in Southeast Asia. He made Singapore his next destination and recently joined the Impact MMA team to train for a couple of weeks before heading back home to Perth. Read all about his experience here.

Q1. Name/Age/Where are you from?

My name is Jake Luigi Newton. I am 20 years of age and I was born and raised in a country town – Cardup – Perth, Western Australia.

Q2. How long have you been training MMA/Muay Thai/BJJ?

I have been trained in the striking art for majority of my life. My dad was a professional Muay Thai fighter, so seeing my dad train got me in the gym at a young age. I started taking the training seriously around 14 years old. Then I branched into (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu when I was 16, and MMA shortly followed.

Q3. How many fights have you had?

My amateur MMA record is 1 Win 1 No Contest (B Class), 2 Win 0 Losses (C class). Pro Muay Thai 2 Win 0 Losses, and have been competing in local BJJ competitions from the beginning of my BJJ journey until now.


Q4. What was the most memorable moment in your fight career?

After my no contest fight, I was a bit down on the decision (Doctor stoppage, due to bloody nose). I was disappointed with the result at first, but this fight opened my eyes to show me that (the fight game) is more about a win or loss. The fight received Fight of the Night honours and I recceived a very heartfelt message by one of my students the day after.

Unlucky tonight. Jake Newton the way you handle a loss truly inspires me and makes me look up to you. Not only are you my trainer, you’re my idol. The way you fight, talk, stand, and promote yourself inspires me and motivates me to be just like you. You are the best role model a guy cna have and you are truly one of my best mates. Good stuff bud and I’ll see you next time, even better.”

Since receiving this message, I’ve made a conscious decision to be more aware of the positive impact I can make through my skills in martial arts. Although competition means alot to me, it will never get in the way of helping people along the way.

Q5. What made you decide to come to Singapore?

It was honestly quite the spontaneous decision. After living in Thailand for 2+ years, I felt like I needed a break from Thailand but my heart was still in Southeast Asia. First, I came here for 3 days, then after such a positive experience at Impact MMA, I wanted to come back to Singapore. So I did and spent the majority of October and a week of November 2017 in Singapore.

Q6. How did you find out about Impact MMA? Why train with us and not other gyms?

I found out about Impact MMA through meeting with Nazri and Niko, 2 coaches and MMA fighters from the gym. I met the 2 when they were having a traincation (training vacation) at AKA in Phuket, Thailand. So when I did originally come to Singapore, I wanted to catch up and train with the guys. From my first few sessions, I felt a part of the team and that was what made me want to stay at Impact. I felt there was no need to look at other gyms in Singapore.


Q7. What’s different about our training curriculum? How do you think it’ll help you grow as a martial artist?

The main thing I like about Impact MMA is how there is a specialized coach for every aspect of mixed martial arts. A boxing coach for boxing, a BJJ instructor for BJJ etc. This allows me to fine tune each part of my game, then there is a MMA coach that can help me put all the parts together.

Q8. What’s the biggest obstacle/challenge you face fighting and training?

I believe the biggest obstacle I have faced is the regular occurance of getting through the weekly grind. End of the week, your body starts to fail and it isn’t as capable as it was compared to the start of the week. Pushing through the soreness amd mental fatigue has allowed me to discover alot about myself. Digging deep has shown me where the core of my motivation and drive comes from. Any sane person wouldn’t put his body and mind through what is necessary to be great in this sport. With the ongoing pursuit of greatness, I’ve realised that it is an authentic love for martial arts and personal development that keeps me going everyday.


Q9. Where do you see yourself in the near future?

I visualise this alot. I’m looking to have my pro MMA debut in the start of 2018. I see myself taking control and being in the top of the Southeast Asia MMA scene in my weight division, taking local belts along the way before signing to a major organisation. #futurechampion

Q10. What do you like about Singapore so far?

The variety and quality of food is absolutely amazing! But I also love the multiculturalism in Singapore. Seeing people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life coming to live in one place together is a great experience.

Q11. Any advice for budding fighters or those who would like to travel and train?

The best advice I can give is to never stop having faith in your dream. The travel/fighter life can be extremely tough even at the best of times, but if you continue to chase your dreams and see where it will take you, the journey will become a very rewarding one. If you are already living this life, I suggest to stop and smell the roses every now and then so as to remember how far you have come and how much further you can go. Never give up on your dreams.


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