WHAT A YEAR – A review of 2013@Impact MMA

2013 has been an incredible year for Impact MMA.
It’s our 4th year in existence, and we have come a very long way!

Leke kicked off the year winning gold at the Singapore Wrestling National Trials in February.

Photo: Ossss
Our Muay Thai fighters also kicked off a very active year in competition. Great work by the Muay Thai coaches who helped guide several of of our fighters through their fights including a few debutantes.
Then the MMA season kicked off in March with Ultimate Beatdown 11. Juan was the main event fighting a tough Iranian opponent and he scored a submission victory in the first round! Garrick fought Muay Thai in the Ultimate Beatdown and also scored a win on decision. 2 out of 2 wins at UB11!
Photo: Game on. Tomorrow Juan goes to war in JB in the main event of Ultimate Beatdown XI. It's going to be an awesome fight against Mostafa (Iran). </p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Garrick's fighting Muay Thai too in the same event.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Also, all the best to Diane and Alvin in their BJJ comp in Penang. Busy weekend for the Impact warriors! Go guys (& Gal)!!!!!
We also had the pleasure of welcoming Bashir Ahmad who chose Impact MMA to do his month long training camp for One FC. We were so proud when he scored a well earned victory against One FC star Shannon Oneshin Wiratchai with Royston Wee in his corner as well. What a fight it was too (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AicyhBGPHRg)
In BJJ comps, Leke led a team to the Pan Asians in the Philippines and brought home a huge haul of medals!

The BJJ haul continued in Copa de Hongkong where Impact MMA was represented by Amanda and Eugene who both brought home gold medals! Impact’s BJJ team was a MACHINE all year.

1 September was a wild wild day with 10 fights in total. (7 Muay Thai, 2 MMA, 1 Submission Grappling). We ended up with a total of 7 wins and 3 losses, including 2 first round TKO victories in MMA and an armbar submission by rising star Amanda in Ultimate Beatdown 12. The 2 MMA debutantes Niko Soe and Henry Yeo put on a fabulous showing with Henry Yeo scoring a new gym record 22 second TKO victory. Impact’s traveling support has also been getting a bit of reputation for being some of the loudest, most fired up supporters out there led by head cheerleader Joey!
Photo: Great day in all competitions. We had a total of 10 fights today: 7 Muay Thai, 2 MMA, 1 Submission GrapplingWe ended up with a total of 7 wins and 3 losses. Including 2 first round TKO victories in MMA. Brilliant job by the fighters and the coaches!New in-house records have been broken with Henry Yeo recording a 22 second victory via TKO in his MMA debut, snatching the fastest victory record from Royston Wee! haha.Those who did not win also made us just as proud. They fought like champs and can hold their head high.Never prouder to be part of Team Impact MMA!!!
Leke’s BJJ team continued to dominate competitions when our Impact ladies completely swept their opposition as they won gold in each of their categories and then went on to close out the absolute division.
Photo: Update from Headhunters 3 in Kota Kinablu, the girls all won GOLD in their own category. In absolute, they combined blue belt and white belt together and the three of them closed  the absolute together. OSSSSSSSSSSS! WELL DONE LADIES!!!
In September Impact was part of the collaboration of teams who organised Singapore Combat Championship which featured wrestling, BJJ and amateur MMA. Again, we scored a big bag of medals and wins. Some of the stand outs were Garie Tang who won gold in wrestling, and our MMA debutantes, Andy Neo and Terry Chua. Both Andy and Terry won their fights. The BJJ team, as usual, took some golds and silvers despite the fact that Coach Leke was not in Singapore at that time. While we were the only team without a coach present, I was touched and impressed to see the rest of our team gather round our competitors to give them some amazing support and backing. More senior students came forward to corner, drill with and support the competitors. Team Impact really banded together and the showed tremendous spirit, and were paid off with great results!


The first big stage pro fight of the year came in October when Juan represented Impact and Singapore at One FC Total Domination against one of Malaysia’s most experienced strikers Alex Lim.
Juan showed his experience fighting a technical and tight fight winning by KO in the start of the second round! Juan now stands at 3-0.


The biggest news of the year came in November when our very own Royston Wee made history by becoming the first Singaporean signed to the UFC. His debut fight will be in UFC Fight Night 34 which will be held right here in Singapore on 4 January 2014. Royston has made Impact MMA, and Singapore, very very proud.


Again, the awesome team spirit is showing itself as I see so many people gathering around to help Royston. Volunteering to be thrown about and punched. Taking time off work. Sacrificing time, effort and talents for Royston’s preparation for his big fight. Adrian Tham came all the way from Sabah to help out! Our opponents don’t just have to deal with 1 fighter, they have to deal with the whole team.


On 30 November 2013, 2 of our up and coming MMA fighters stepped into the cage at Ultimate Beatdown 13. Garie Tang and Nico Soe, both 1-0, were in the UB tournament, competing for the inaugural UB title belts at flyweight and bantamweight. Nico won his fight very quickly in the first round by TKO after a crazy high crotch slam. Garie was the story of the night. He was fighting off a flu for a few days and actually vomited about an hour before the fight. He was definitely not his usual self but decided to proceed to fight anyway. The fight lasted all 3 rounds and Garie used every ounce of determination and technique that he had to stay in control. He eventually won by unanimous decision and was Fight of the Night honours!  Super proud!!! Garie and Niko now advance to the semi-finals of their respective comps!
Garie Niko UB13
Only 3 weeks after UB, on 21 December, Garie, would fight again at the inaugural Rebel FC. Also fighting for Impact MMA were Nazri and Andy. This would be Nazri’s first MMA fight and Andy’s second. Nazri was the first fight of the night and he finished off his opponent in over a minute with some sweet punching combos and won via TKO. Andy’s fight, which started with a bit of controversy after his opponent failed to make weight, lasted all 3 grueling rounds and Andy won by unanimous decision. Garie finished his fight in style and also very quickly, scoring a win by armbar submission.
Photo: Great showing by all 3 Impact fighters tonight. 3 wins out of 3 fights. The support again was fantastic!  Congrats team!#Impactmma #rebelfc #singaporeMMA #mixedmartialarts #roystonwee #checkmat #lekebjj


The year ends with the annual BJJ promotions. A bunch of deserving guys got their blue belts, but the show goes to Shilong who got a very well deserved BROWN! Shilong has always been a very technical, intelligent grappler who is eager to teach and contribute to everyone else’s development. Shilong in turn gave this credit to Prof Leke during his acceptance speech and later on Facebook saying:


I entered this sport as a bb in judo and subsequently was a white belt for 6 years. Blue for 1 year and purple for 3, I can safely say the biggest leap in my BJJ came under prof Leke. The introduction of Checkmat’s training methodology and technique philosophy to Impact has been a boon to the scene here and we are all very lucky. Without his influence I doubt I would have started looking/thinking about BJJ differently (for example examining Leandro Lo’s game) and training BJJ in a more holistic fashion rather than a random collection of “moves”. More importantly, Leke’s generosity in not holding back and sharing all his knowledge has been inspirational and I hope as I carry on I can continue in the same spirit of giving and contribution. Thanks again to Impact (esp Kwang for creating a conducive environment for BJJ/MMA to flourish) and my Impact teammates who have helped me greatly and are vital for sustaining the right culture on and off the mats. Congrats to everyone on their promotions as well.
All the trainers deserve huge credit for our achievements. Bruce, Leke, Noel, Royston, Garie, Shawn, Garrick, Juan, Xavier and adjunct trainers like Sri, Sul, Major, strength and condtioning coaches from the Pit and Quantum Fitness, sponsors like Physioclinic, Burlinson Dental, Siam Arena, and numerous other coaches who dropped by to help either teach the classes or to work with our fighters. I’d also like to thank the whole team, i.e. the training buddies, the fans, the wild supporters, the staff (special shout out to Jennifer who does a fantastic job cleaning up the mess made by all you slobs!). There are too many to name, but each of you have played a huge part.

Another great thing about 2013 is the growing friendship and collaboration between many of the top gyms in Singapore. Events like the Singapore Combat Championship, the Hope for Haiyan Grapplethon, showed that MMA gyms can build bridges and work together for Team Singapore without bullshit politics.

Things are super exciting in the martial arts world in Singapore! Our fighters now have more opportunities than ever and they are taking these opportunities by the horns!


Now I just can’t wait for 2014.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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Rebel Fighting Championship

3 of our guys, Garie, Nazri and Andy will be fighting at Rebel Fighting Championship this Saturday, 21st December 2013 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are available at Impact MMA or you can also purchase them from Sistic. Going for 2 for 1 Christmas Promo now! Please head down to support them!!!

Fight card here:

Rebel fight card

Rebel photo

Photo credits to Rebel FC

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Garie and Niko at Ultimate Beatdown 13

Both our fighters Niko and Garie came away with wins at yesterday’s Ultimate Beatdown 13.

Garie progresses to the Semi Finals of the flyweight tournament after a dominant battle with one of India’s up and coming MMA prospects. Niko had finished his fight in under a minute scoring a fearsome slamming takedown in the process!

Impact MMA continues to produce champions!

Garie Niko UB13


Anyone who thinks that MMA is an individual sport is mistaken. What a team. Even those who spent hours in traffic to get to the event to watch. The support was fantastic (and very loud).

Impact at UB13

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Royston on SuperSports 360 on StarHub’s SuperSports Arena channel

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Royston Wee makes history as the first ever Singaporean in the UFC!!!!!!


History is made. Our very own Royston Wee is the FIRST EVER Singaporean to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the biggest MMA organisation in the world. He will make his debut against Dave Galera on 4th Jan 2014 in UFC’s first ever event in Southeast Asia. So well deserved. Also, well done to the whole Impact team who has worked hard since 2010 to produce the best Singaporean fighters. This is just the beginning!!!!


Photo credits to: https://www.facebook.com/xinmsn

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Rebel Fighting Championship Tryouts

Here’s Team Impact MMA at last weekend’s Rebel Fighting Championship tryouts!

Team Impact Rebel tryouts

Great job guys, proud of all of you!!

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SIM Muay Thai Training Chalet 2013

Our instructors have been teaching the SIM Muay Thai club every week since 2011. Last weekend they had their Muay Thai Training Chalet at Siloso Beach, here’s a peek at what went on! Credits to Vince Tan from SIM for the photos.

SIM Muay Thai team photo before training starts! (Pssst… Caryl’s in a bikini!!)

Some physical exercises which Garrick oversees:


More physical…:


Clinching taught by Shawn and Andrew:



More drills:


Muay Thai isn’t just for guys!!! Here’re some of the ladies in the SIM Muay Thai club:


Shawn clowning around as usual:


Our coaches Bruce, Shawn, Garrick and Andrew. Can’t be all work and no play!


Hope everyone at the SIM Muay Thai club had a good time and thanks for the support guys and gals!!!

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