Rebel Fighting Championship

3 of our guys, Garie, Nazri and Andy will be fighting at Rebel Fighting Championship this Saturday, 21st December 2013 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are available at Impact MMA or you can also purchase them from Sistic. Going for 2 for 1 Christmas Promo now! Please head down to support them!!!

Fight card here:

Rebel fight card

Rebel photo

Photo credits to Rebel FC

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Garie and Niko at Ultimate Beatdown 13

Both our fighters Niko and Garie came away with wins at yesterday’s Ultimate Beatdown 13.

Garie progresses to the Semi Finals of the flyweight tournament after a dominant battle with one of India’s up and coming MMA prospects. Niko had finished his fight in under a minute scoring a fearsome slamming takedown in the process!

Impact MMA continues to produce champions!

Garie Niko UB13


Anyone who thinks that MMA is an individual sport is mistaken. What a team. Even those who spent hours in traffic to get to the event to watch. The support was fantastic (and very loud).

Impact at UB13

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Royston on SuperSports 360 on StarHub’s SuperSports Arena channel

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Royston Wee makes history as the first ever Singaporean in the UFC!!!!!!


History is made. Our very own Royston Wee is the FIRST EVER Singaporean to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the biggest MMA organisation in the world. He will make his debut against Dave Galera on 4th Jan 2014 in UFC’s first ever event in Southeast Asia. So well deserved. Also, well done to the whole Impact team who has worked hard since 2010 to produce the best Singaporean fighters. This is just the beginning!!!!


Photo credits to:

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Rebel Fighting Championship Tryouts

Here’s Team Impact MMA at last weekend’s Rebel Fighting Championship tryouts!

Team Impact Rebel tryouts

Great job guys, proud of all of you!!

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SIM Muay Thai Training Chalet 2013

Our instructors have been teaching the SIM Muay Thai club every week since 2011. Last weekend they had their Muay Thai Training Chalet at Siloso Beach, here’s a peek at what went on! Credits to Vince Tan from SIM for the photos.

SIM Muay Thai team photo before training starts! (Pssst… Caryl’s in a bikini!!)

Some physical exercises which Garrick oversees:


More physical…:


Clinching taught by Shawn and Andrew:



More drills:


Muay Thai isn’t just for guys!!! Here’re some of the ladies in the SIM Muay Thai club:


Shawn clowning around as usual:


Our coaches Bruce, Shawn, Garrick and Andrew. Can’t be all work and no play!


Hope everyone at the SIM Muay Thai club had a good time and thanks for the support guys and gals!!!

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JUAN WINS!!!!!!!!!!

Juan wins his debut fight in One FC via stoppage in the 2nd round!

Juan OneFCPhoto credits to One FC

For those of you who missed it, Juan’s fight at One FC Total Domination on Friday night!

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